USC Aiken Opens Veteran Student Success Center

USC Aiken Opens Veteran Student Success Center (Image 1)

Military presence and patriotism are evident at
universities throughout the CSRA. And USC-Aiken is aiming to be the number one
choice for service men and women transitioning back into civilian life. That's
exactly what the school hopes to achieve through
the new veterans student success center.

Robert Murphy, the program lead for USC-Aiken's
Veterans Success Center says, “it's not just 'look what the school has
done.' Tonight is about what the school is going to do in this legacy as I call

Murphy says USC Aiken, with the help of the
Aiken Warrior Project is going to take care of veterans and their families. More than three thousand students call the
university their academic home– 200 of them veterans; each with a back story,
each hoping to continue their education. The veteran student success center will aim to help veterans navigate their way to
earning a degree by focusing on three core areas.

“Connecting veteran students to veteran
students, we're also connecting veterans back to the community and then
finally, what we're also doing, as you can see by the flags around this room is
we're connecting these veterans back to their service components,” Murphy

Key points William Treacy, an Operation Iraqi
Freedom veteran, knows the importance of… He enrolled after returning from
Afghanistan and says the program welcomed him with open arms.

“There are a lot of processes dealing
with the V.A. As well as there's a lot of guys that get out of the military and
don't know what they want to do with their lives. USC-A is reaching out to
these guys and saying hey we have programs for you,  we're catering to
you, we're going to help you transition from being in the military to a
civilian and we're gonna do it to where it's easiest for you,” shares William
Treacy, a retired Army service member.

Those arms brought in other veterans turned

Colin Schaufler, the Student Veterans
Association President believes “it's an absolutely tremendous

“It's just good to that there's
different people that you can go directly to that you know that will help you,”
adds Elise Davis, a member of the Air Force Reserve.

Help and support
the men and women who bravely defend our country

center has officially been open to veterans for 60 days, but opened its doors
to the public today inside the Gregg-Graniteville Library. For more information
about center, contact Robert Murphy at (903) 641-3582 or by e-mail at

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