Flowers Back In Form At Masters

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It's the second round for Harley Feldman and Bill James.

The two Minnesotans made their first visit to the Masters last year, but it left them wanting. 

 “Yeah It was a disappointment, the color wasn't there the aroma isn't there we missed it,” said Feldman. 

 But unlike last year there's a different look at Augusta National when it comes to the flowers.

“Oh everywhere, the dogwood that was in bloom on the way to the course and the azaleas just the immaculate grounds just gorgeous,” said James.

What a difference a year can make when it comes to flowers.

And while the azaleas may not be at their peak or qualify for best year ever they are showing up and showing off and around here at Augusta National Golf Club that doesn't go unnoticed.

“It's beautiful here no matter what, but it's always great when everything is blooming, the timing here looks like its just perfect, so it's going to be gorgeous out there this year,” says 1987 Masters Champion and Augusta native Larry Mize.

“It does make it a little better Augusta National one of the particular things about it is the azaleas I've been coming here for many years and when the azaleas are in bloom the golf course is even much prettier,” says two time Masters Champion Jose Maria Olazabal.

“I think it does it makes it makes this tournament a little bit more special when they can see all the flowers and everything it's something beautiful,” says 91 Masters Champion Ian Woosnam.

Harley and Bill have flowers for the visit this year, something they didn't see their first Masters.

“They're absolutely gorgeous this year, said James.

So the two came back to Augusta because of the azaleas they didn't see last year.

“Close there were a couple of other reason, watch a little golf,” said Feldman.

But with this back drop of flowers, even the golf at the Masters which  gets a little better.

Long time Richmond County Extension Agent and Azalea expert Clyde Lester says if last year's flower show rated a one, he'd put this year's at a solid seven.

He says some are still budding which means there will be a chance they will begin to bloom as the week goes along.


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