Don’t Want to Wait? There’s an App to Master That

Don't Want to Wait? There's an App to Master That (Image 1)

Here's the deal: There is an app that doesn't take up room or date on your smart phone, can save a few hours of your life, and can change other lives. In Augusta this week, that's a big deal.

We told you about “No Wait,” the app that should help you master waiting this week. So, does it work?

“Sixty seconds into it, I knew they were onto something,” says Chuck Baldwin, of French Market Grille.

“No Wait” helps you avoid doing just that–waiting. Give the restaurant your phone number, they log it in, and a text lets you know when you're up for a table; or, you let them know you're a little late.

“We notify everyone of their reservations and have had people text back, 'Oh, I'm running 15 minutes late,' or 'Oh, I need to cancel my reservation,'” says Janet Henderson, of The Partridge Inn.

They haven't had any glitches, and have fewer people surrounding the hostess stand.

“They don't keep coming up to me, saying, 'Is my table ready, is my table ready,'” says Baldwin. “It shows them little stick figures how many people are ahead of them.”

That takes away stress for patrons and the staff.

“I'm calm, cool, and collected with No Wait,” says Henderson.

“I entered reservations and, with a glance, it helps me much better than scribbly handwriting,” says Baldwin.

Those stress savers are key this week when time is at a premium.

“I'm thinking about having a button printed saying, 'I'm glad you're here, but I don't have time to talk to you,'” Baldwin jokes. “A lot of people want a piece of my time and every second counts.”

When the spectators go away, what about No Wait?  Restaurateurs say no way.

“I would like to make sure this keeps making my life easier, we're not getting rid of it,” laughs Henderson.

There's an even more lasting impact:  52 restaurants in Augusta have signed up.  That's important because No Wait will be donating $52,000 to the Augusta Warrior Project. The 200 veterans whose families are touched by that money will likely have a simple message.

“Thank you, thank you for thinking of us, thank you for helping us take a step forward,” says Lorraine.

Showing how much a click can count.

“That one click translates into all those actions,” says Lorraine.

Stay tuned to WJBF for a way you can use that smartphone to help Augusta Warrior Project.

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