Masters Week Brings Economic Boost To CSRA Restaurants

Restaurant Report Card
Restaurant Report Card

That's the sound of money coming into the CSRA during
Masters Week, and lots of it.

Golf fans are ordering all sorts of tasty meals and the
grille is sizzling with beef, peppers and onions.

One local restaurant is seeing such a high demand for
catering they have to close the doors to catch up.

Kim Jackson, co-owner of RSVP Café &
Catering says, “We've got too much going on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and
Sunday of the tournament that we just have to close on Thursday and Friday.”

She says this time of the year is a huge boost to her business.

“In one week you make up almost a quarter of what you do for
the year. It's nice to do. It's tiring, but it's very nice when it comes
around,” said Jackson.

South Carolina is also seeing a big increase in sales.

The executive chef at Taste restaurant in North Augusta says
his Masters Week budget has allowed him to splurge for a rare cut of beef.

David McCluskey, executive chef of
Taste restaurant says, “I've just added probably about the best Wagyu that I could
find, which is Kobe beef or the American version. I've just brought some of that
in to start out for the week and we'll have some of that around for our high

Chef McCluskey says using local products is what
separates his food from the rest.

“Everything local is gonna taste just a little bit better
because it's perfectly ripe when it's picked versus being picked almost ripe
and then shipped across the country from wherever,” said McCluskey.

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