Journalists From All Over The World In Augusta To Cover The Masters

Journalists From All Over The World In Augusta To Cover The Masters (Image 1)

Media men and women come to Augusta from different time zones from all across the globe. While their ethnicities may be different…their mission is the same…to cover The Masters.

“Certainly early mornings are tough because of the UK is 5 hours ahead,” says journalist Jock Howard, from England.

“The main problem is the time difference. We are 16 hours in advance,” says journalist Nuria Pastor, from Spain.

Spencer Robinson, who is a journalist from Singapore, says, “It's 12 hour time difference, updating the website, watching the players, trying to get a few quotes and coming back to update stories for the website.”

International journalists constantly have to provide updates…sending back video, writing new stories, and updating social media.

“When I first came, in the early 90's, we started working Saturday nights. Now, it's 14-hour days…tweeting, facebooking, updating all the time,” says Howard.

Archith Seshadri, reporting: “Because you can't have a cell phone on the course, many journalists have to rely on the old pen and paper method to capture what's happening on the green.”

So, whether you're a broadcaster from the BBC or a print journalist from the Times of India, the story will revolve around golf.

“I've watched it on TV so many times, so it felt like I knew it before I even got here,” says Robinson.

“I like it. I am used to it after so many here I've been here,” says Pastor.

You gotta love all those different accents. Most of the journalists said they're pretty familiar with the American culture and accent. The fleet of foreign journalists know quite a bit about Augusta, including the house renting tradition, the good eating joints nearby, and Southern hospitality. Many of them say covering The Masters is like covering the Olypmics.

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