Masters Report Monday: Tianlang Guan One Of The Big Stories Of Masters Monday 2013

Masters Report Monday: Tianlang Guan One Of The Big Stories Of Masters Monday 2013 (Image 1)

Here's a fun fact about Tianlang Guan…he played a practice round with 61-year-old Ben Crenshaw earlier in the day on Monday. Crenshaw won his first Masters in 1984…14 and a half years before Guan was born…

A win on the other side of the world brought him here, and his peers couldn't be more proud.

“I feel pretty good to come out here. I come a couple of weeks ago and played a few rounds at Augusta National and I feel great,” Guan says.

“If he's 14-years-old and all the other people are like older, like in their 20's and 30's and 40's, and they have more time to practice than he does because he has school,” says Noah Wills, from Kingsport, Tennessee.

They also couldn't be more amazed. Someone so close to their age, accomplishing so much…

“He's only a few years older than me, but he's playing with some of the best golfers in the world,” says Brandon Powell, of Atlanta.

His smooth swing…his great game…summed up in one word.

“Crazy,” says a young female patron.

Fourteen years young…how did this happen?

“Oh yeah, that's pretty cool. I just don't get how a 14-year-old could actually be here. That's amazing though,” says Matthew Wagner, from Evergreen, Alabama.

“It is amazing. How do you think he made it to Augusta?” we asked Matthew. “He probably practiced really hard and got good,” Matthew answered. “You think you could do that?” we asked. “I do play golf, but no. I could probably not do that,” Matthew added.

Brad Means, reporting: “But, it's not just the children who are excited about one of their peers playing here at The Masters. Parents are pretty excited about the example that's being set.”

“I mean, absolutely to have goals. Fourteen? I don't think his dad thought, at 14, he'd be playing Augusta National, but pretty incredible. It's a great goal…good role model,” says Tim Wills, of Kingsport, Tennessee.

While one dad dreams for his son, another watches his boy's dreams come true. Tianlang Guan…way too young to get behind the wheel, but plenty old enough to enjoy his license to drive.

Guan actually arrived in Augusta about 2 weeks ago, and has already gotten in a number of practice rounds with some other Masters veterans like Phil Mickelson and Luke Donald.

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