Masters Means Daddy-Daughter Dates at Augusta National

Masters Means Daddy-Daughter Dates at Augusta National (Image 1)


This year Darla Moore and Condoleezza Rice came to the Masters as members of The National.  That's unprecedented, but they're far from the only women here.


Up on Rick's Lang's shoulders is his fellow player of choice:


“She is my golfing buddy and plays golf at least once a week, and this is her first trip to The National,” he says of his little girl.


George Brodbeck has attended the Masters since the 70s, bringing his favorite girl, and now he has another:


“I got my granddaughter and my daughter,” he says.


It's a special year for his eight year old granddaughter Hannah:  It's he first Masters with female members, and her first Masters ever:

“Not even can boys like it, girls can like it too,” she says. “Golf is not just for boys, girls can play.  It makes me feel happy girls and boys can play together.


Her mom is happy to see her here, but says the simple things show there's still a ways for women to go.


“One of the things we were laughing about is we walked right up to women's restroom and walked right in and men's line was a long line,” she says regarding the ratio of women and men.


The family bonds established at The National aren't up for contest.


“It's just as important for my daughter,” says Bill O'Brien.  “My son is out here also and golf is a family thing, one daughter and one son, my wife plays, we're a foursome.”


Hopefully more get to share that kind of joy:


“I think the women's game is growing tremendously,” Lang says, “we enjoy watching girls on TV just like the guys.”


And how much does little Maggie love being at The Masters with dad?


“100 percent,” she giggles.

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