Masters Patrons Flock To “Bubba’s Spot” On 10th Hole

Masters Patrons Flock To "Bubba's Spot" On 10th Hole (Image 1)

Golf patrons from all over the world have flocked to the area on the 10th hole where Bubba Watson hit his amazing shot on the first sudden death playoff hole in last year's Masters.

“X” marks the spot – literally in this case.  We were there only 5 minutes and more than 50 people had already gathered around the big homemade “X” that was made in the pine needles.  Many of them reminiscing about the big moment from last year – while others tried to reinact it.

“It's amazing to cut it, turn it, and to hit the green, and I think most golfers, you appreciate somebody being in the woods and off the fairway,” said Masters patron Ryan Warner.  “So to see someone get out of trouble in such a pressure packed, amazing shot.”

And it's not just patrons that are gathering around the “miracle spot”. During a practice round before this year's Masters, Bubba took his wife Angie over to the tree area to check it out for herself.

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