Masters Report Thursday: This Year’s Masters Hold Special Meaning For Jack Nicklaus

Masters Report Thursday: This Year's Masters Hold Special Meaning For Jack Nicklaus (Image 1)

Less than an hour before 17 Masters rookies teed off for the first time at Augusta National Golf Club, the spotlight was firmly set on three legends…Arnold Palmer…Jack Nicklaus…and Gary Player. The three are now ceremonial starters.

Masters 2013 holds special signifigance for Nicklaus…it marks the 50-year anniversary of his first ever Masters win, where in 1963 he was and still is the youngest ever to wear a green jacket…

“So many special things here that when you finally go through… and win this tournament…” Nicklaus told us.

Earlier this week, Jack talked for an hour about how the game, the club, and the tournament has changed over the years…

On the rise of Tiger Woods…”he's in contention every year,” Nicklaus said.

On the advent of the World Golf Rankings…”I suppose I would have been number one for a while…” Nicklaus said.

And, on the inclusion of the first two female members into Augusta National Golf Club…”I think it's time,” Nicklaus said.

But above all, the 6-time Masters champion is thankful to be in the position he's in…”I can't imagine anybody having more fun than I've had…” he said.

“Lucky you could play golf?” we asked. “Well, I can't spell either…” Nicklaus added.

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