Parents Name Kids After Masters Champions

Parents Name Kids After Masters Champions (Image 1)

Trevor and Zach are just 4 and 5.

And yet they may know more about Trevor Immelman and Zack Johnson than most golf patrons.

Stacey Boltz found out she was pregnant two years in a row – both times during Masters Week.  She and her husband, Andy, decided that whoever was to win that year – that's who they would name their boys after.  The two little guys know all about their namesakes – and turns out – the golfers are aware of the story too.

“We're a golf family, we live on a golf course and stuff and I played professionally for awhile years ago” said proud dad Andy Meltz. “And you know, the boys are going to grow up around the game.  So you know, some day I think they'll meet Zach and Trevor one day.  You know, they have a history now, they're part of Augusta, they're part of The Masters.”

Turns out that Stacey's grandfather was named Zachary so the name Zach actually worked better than they thought.

So the goal is for the boys to meet Zach and Trevor – they said they didnt want to bother them this time – but feel confident that meeting will happen some day soon.


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