Popular Pimento Cheese Sandwich Has a Different Bite on the Course

Popular Pimento Cheese Sandwich Has a Different Bite on the Course (Image 1)

Patrons travel from around the world to experience The Masters tournament. This year, they are saying there's something different, and that's the famous pimento cheese sandwich.

Patron Kevin Klein explains, “I was a little disappointed, they were too heavy and a little spicy.”

Golf legends, such as Jack Nicklaus and Bobby Jones made Augusta National Golf Club so special. But, it's the Master traditions, and the food, that have people begging for badges.

Patron Sarah Tau says, “Since people go the Masters, they go for golf, but they want to enjoy every aspect. From the cups you can collect to the food, I think the sandwiches are all part of it. If that changes, it's going to change their perspective from a certain stand point.”

For the past eight years, another Augusta hot spot…Wife Saver…made the egg salad and pimento cheese base that was served at Augusta National Golf Club.  Owner and pimento cheese creator Ted Godfrey says he would hire nearly 50 people the week of the Masters to help prepare the sandwiches. They were assembled at National Hills Elementary School, near the course. According to Godfrey, Augusta National stopped doing business with them last year.

I decided to see if there really was a difference in the taste. Patrons say the new sandwich  has a completely different texture, and flavor. So, I selected two random Television Park employees, labeled the bottom of the plates, made them close their eyes, and let the taste test begin.

Two out of two voted that Wife Saver's original pimento cheese sandwich topped the charts, taking the win.

Wife Saver claims no one can beat their taste. In fact, if you drive by any of their locations, you'll see a sign that reads “The North Augusta and North Leg Road Wife Saver will be selling the sandwiches for the next two weeks”.

For more information on Wife Saver and their famous sandwiches, click here.

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