What’s In Your Bag At Augusta National Golf Club?

What's In Your Bag At Augusta National Golf Club? (Image 1)

You know there are so many things to do out here on the course. You can watch your favorite golfer, you can check out some of the old traditions you can try and spot a celebrity and even get some tasty sandwiches but I asked some patrons, just one question: What's in your bag?

“Tons of souvenirs for myself and friends. I have cups, coffee mugs, t-shirts, pens, tools, coasters,” said Don Smrke.

“My bag has a T-shirt that has the Masters on it, and a golf shirt,” said Bob Schuckit.

“Polo shirts, hats, stuffed animals,” said Kevin Smith.

Patrons at the Masters say it's a tradition to stop and shop at the gift store.

“It's really reasonable as far as logo gear goes at any place,” said Bob Schuckit.

“It's great to come out. It's taking a piece of it back with you. It's a piece of history back home,” said Kevin Smith.

“It's hard to get this gear with Masters logo out anywhere else,” said Schuckit.
T-shirts and polos seemed to the most popular souvenir.

“It's pretty crowded. You have to look because the sizes may disappear?” said Miles Lou.

Patrons say sometimes it's not just shopping for yourself – especially when you have lists from family and friends.

“The mystique  of this place is special. It's a special venue and start of the golf season. A lot of it is for friends and they just love having something from the Masters,” said Smrke.

There was one popular item though—and you didn't even need to stop at the gift shop.

“People are stealing these from the trashcan. They will soon be on eBay,” said Rochelle Curtis. “I drank enough beer so we didn't have to steal – this one is for you,” Curtis added.

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