“Masters Week in Augusta” Song Gets Thousands of YouTube Hits

"Masters Week in Augusta" Song Gets Thousands of YouTube Hits (Image 1)

A local girl is using music to describe Masters Week in Augusta, and how spring break is a different experience for people in the CSRA.

In just the past week, Devon Williams' song on the ukelele has gotten more than 9,000 hits on YouTube.

Hundreds of patrons heard Devon Williams perform her own composition outside the Augusta National gates this week.

“It feels a little surreal to be out here about a song wrote that I wrote about that gate, right there,” said Devon Williams.

And just after a week of uploading this tune, Williams has gotten thousands of hits on YouTube.

“I just wrote this song in my car several weeks ago and showed it to my family and they decided to put it on YouTube.  I thought a few of my friends would see it and people are Facebooking me, tweeting me,” said Williams.

Williams has spent the last 17 spring breaks at the Masters so she decided to write about it.

“A lot of people think about the beach or the mountains. But when we go to spring break, it's to the National. There hasn't been a song about the Masters, so I wanted to write one. I wanted to convey to people that aren't from here why it is such a big deal,” said Williams.

The song references famous golf legends and the popular pimento cheese sandwiches, but she's still trying to find a good name for this now catchy Masters melody.

Williams says she's not really thought about music as a career, but wouldn't be opposed to the idea. She has auditioned for “American Idol”, “The Voice”, and several other reality shows but found her fame on YouTube.

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