How To Keep Your Pool And Kids Safe

How To Keep Your Pool And Kids Safe (Image 1)

Paul Cooper, Chief of Columbia County
Fire Rescue says, “It don't take but a minute to take your eye off of a child
and that child can be gone. Ya know, somebody could have a properly installed
pool with proper fencing and as adults we got to be alert that this can still

Pool safety can come in many forms…from area entry
detectors, to pool entry alarms and especially fences…Cooper says, “If you have a private pool in your backyard the yard must
be fenced in. There's alarms that go in the back door and locks, stuff of this

Chief Cooper says he has responded to about four to five
drowning calls over the last forty years at Columbia County Fire Rescue.

He says that making sure your fence is locked and up to code
can help avoid tragedies like the one that happened over the weekend.

The Owner of Carefree Pools in Evans agrees and stresses the
importance of making sure your gate is locked even when you are not home.

Michael Eastergard, Owner of Carefree
Pools says, “I think one of the biggest things is get actual locks and
put them on the gates. I know it's an inconvenience for people that actually
live there, but I think it's probably smart, especially if you're going out of

Eastergard says having alarms on the inside of the house are
also a big help, but keeping an eye on your kids is the biggest thing.

“Well there's obvious things that people would normally
think of, having a fence and having locks on the gates and things like that,
alarms on the doors even coming from inside the house. Probably the most
important thing is adult supervision,” said Eastergard.

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