Augusta Doctor Finished Marathon Moments Before Explosion

Augusta Doctor Finished Marathon Moments Before Explosion (Image 1)

We talked to Doctor Mike Rogers about his
experience up in Boston. Rogers is an orthodontist in Augusta. He and his wife Beth are back home and they
are sharing their story about how he crossed the finish line one minute and
twenty seconds before the first explosion.

Mike is just happy to see his family again after running in the Boston
Marathon on Monday. After finishing the race, Mike says he grabbed his medal
and walked a block away from the finish line.

heard a boom. That was the first explosion. I looked at the man next to me, I
think he was from another country, and I said I think that was an explosion. He
said I think you're right. And then we turned back and definitely, totally saw
the second explosion. We saw the smoke from the first one and then the second
one right behind us,” says Mike.

says he immediately ran out of the area to look for his cell phone so he could
connect with his wife Beth.

number one fear I had was that she might be at the finish line because she was
going to watch me cross. And they had just blown up the finish line and so that
was… my heart was just sinking thinking about that,” says Mike.

And Beth
would have been at the finish line, but she says the area was more crowded than
usual… so she left. However, Beth says she had been following her husband's
progress through her cell phone, so when the explosions happened, she was aware
that Mike had just finished the race.

I knew that he was either at the finish line or after, he was you know, on that
side of it. I knew he wasn't coming in. So I knew he was close,” says Beth.

Mike says
he was unable to call his wife, but he says he did get a text message through
to her to let her know he was okay.

was, first of all, so glad that he was okay. But then… get out of there. You
know, you just don't know what is the safest place,” says Beth.

couple decided to meet each other at their hotel. Mike says it took him a few
hours to get there, but he says he gave his wife one of the biggest hugs when
he finally saw her. And now that he is back in Augusta, he's had plenty of time
to think about how hard he pushed himself to keep running, even though he had
leg cramps.

more I think about that the more I think if I had just slowed down and not been
shooting for that 4:10 goal. Maybe if I had let the cramps over come me and
maybe If I had finished 4:11. Whatever. I don't know. I probably would have
been right in the midst of everything,” says Mike.

Mike says that he did ask a police
officer if he should help the victims because he is a dentist, but the police
officer told him they had enough help and that he should go back to his hotel.

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