Buddy Check 6: Hitting The Right Note Helps Woman Fight Breast Cancer

Buddy Check 6: Hitting The Right Note Helps Woman Fight Breast Cancer (Image 1)

Sarah Frazier is a breast cancer survivor and she's singing to her own tune. Feeling pretty fortunate that her doctor notice something wasn't quite right, “so she sent me for a base line mammogram and since I'm only 35, I wouldn't have gone for a mammogram for another 5 years, so i was lucky that she felt it and sent me right away.” 
She was diagnosed in November of 2012, had a double mastectomy and is facing chemotherapy treatments at University Hospital. she stays focused because of her 5-year-old, her 7-year-old, and her husband, Christian. “We grasp and understand very deeply that there are certain things in this life that we can control and certain things that we can't and we don't worry about those things,” she says.
After 6 years of marriage, they say that they've learned to work as a team, a team that strikes the right melody.
Christian says, “Sarah didn't just get cancer, I got it too. I was there through surgery, I've been there through chemo. I saw what it looked like on the front end and on the back end and I'm gonna see what it looks like when its all gone.”
Sarah says she mourned the loss of her hair more than the diagnosis. One in four cancers diagnosed in the United States is breast cancer, and many times it's connected with family history. That wasn't the case with Sarah, though. “It can happen to anyone…men, young ladies with or without a family history.”
She and her husband encourage all who will listen to do breast self exams and mammogram, however if you face cancer they say facing it in harmony makes the music and the process beautiful.

Sarah plans to have reconstructive surgery soon. Keep up with her progress on her blog.

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