New Mayor Hopes to Serve Up Chicken and Change in Bamberg

New Mayor Hopes to Serve Up Chicken and Change in Bamberg (Image 1)

Step into Crosby's chicken in Bamberg, South Carolina to find a deep southern fried lunch, and this southern town's new mayor.  People living here already have big hopes.

“I hope he'll back what is missing,” says Raymond Lee who lives in Bamberg, “love, and unity, and togetherness.”

Blain Crosby asked voters to give him a try, and after a runoff race, they said yes. He knows there are a lot of needs.

“I want to get business downtown thriving, try to get the hospital, try to get different people to do different things to help Bamberg,” Crosby says.  “I know where it come from, I know where I want it to go.”

Tall orders, but he shows he's used to things heating up:  Taking calls, cooking, and taking care of customers.

“He's got a big job and he stays in a big job,” says his mother, Mary Crosby. “I don't see how he got everything done, but he does.”

She says she raised him up right here.

“Mom, mom,” she laughs, “I take all the credit.”

She says there is one clear characteristic that's different about her son.

“It's important because he's black,” she says. “He's black, hear what I'm saying, bottom line, he's black.”

He says being a trailblazer gives him opportunities to improve his hometown.

“It's going to be good,” he says.  “On both sides whether white or black, I'm just motivated to bring the city together. It's a big deal, but I know I can achieve it with God.”

His mother says she's been busy too.

“The phone's been ringing off the hook with people calling,” she laughs.

And she's a proud momma, but now has an important job of her own.

“I'm proud of him, proud of him, very proud of him,” she says, “and even prouder because I'm the mayor's mother.”

One last question:  Were they voting for the mayor or for the chicken?

“I hope me,” Crosby laughs.  “I know the chicken is good, but I hope they voted for me.”

One voter says, “the mayor and the chicken!”

Bamberg's most famous native has words of encouragement for Crosby.

“Bamberg is a very special place for me,” Governor Nikki Haley says of her hometown.  “So any time I can see it making strides, I'm excited.  They've got good people working hard and so we look forward to his leadership and the celebration that they have.”

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