Richmond County Bomb Squad Ready For All Scenarios

Richmond County Bomb Squad Ready For All Scenarios (Image 1)

It's not just spectators
and runners who were in harm's way during Monday's bombings – law enforcement
had to act fast – in preparation that another bomb may go off.  It was their job to locate any other bombs
and detonate them before they went off – killing or injuring any more innocent
victims.  In Augusta the Richmond County
Bomb Squad team has the same type of training. 
WJBF News Channel 6's Barclay Bishop has more.

The bomb squad team has to
be prepared for a wide range of scenarios. 
It could be something very small – to something as big as what happened
at the marathon.  With the Masters just
taking place in Augusta – the bomb squad was on high alert – knowing there were
lots of people and that it was such a highly publicized event.   Just like authorities in Boston – the local
bomb squad has to always prepare for the worst – and that's exactly what they
did during last week's tournament.

“We had personnel in
place, we had staged strategically throughout the county to respond to such
events.  We were very blessed that
nothing like this happened,” said Captain Scott Gay of the Richmond County
Sheriff's Office. 

The Richmond County Bomb
Team covers 16 counties – and has team members ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week.  Anytime you have a bombing – the
first thing you want to do is find out how this could have happened and how it
could have been prevented.  Augusta is a
main training site for bomb squad investigators from all across the
country.  In fact, there's a chance that
some of those investigating the Boston Marathon bombings….many have received
their training in Augusta.

Every year, Richmond
County's Bomb Squad Team joins agencies from all over the nation, including the
FBI, learning how to collect evidence after a bomb goes off.  They go through different scenarios – such as
brief case bombs and IED's, which they place inside cars.  The training helps team members determine
what was used and how it went off. 

“The materials that
were used to make the bomb are of evidentiary importance, and we try not to
render them safe if we find a live one, unless we absolutely have to.  Most importantly is the safety of the
citizens,” said Captain Scott Gay.

Captain Gay says, based on
experience, it will take them many days to investigate the bombings in Boston.


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