Doctors Hospital Revokes Appeal to Build Emergency Room Facility in Evans

The Chief Executive Officer of Doctors Hospital, Doug Welch says they decided not to purchase this property and revoked their appeal to the state. Simply because they think there's no chance the Department of Health will change their minds. Welch  says they're trying to focus on what's next and best for the citizens here in Columbia County.

Doctors Hospital tried to build a 12 room emergency building in Columbia County –specifically to meet the needs of those who may live near the lake, or the outskirts. The state denied the right to build an emergency room facility, stating there are already plenty of hospitals  in downtown, Augusta  near Columbia County . 

“Anyone in western Columbia County it's a big deal. The quicker you can get to emergency room care. The better chance you have of survival and a better out come,” explains Welch.

Welch is revoking his appeal to the Department of Community Health– no matter how many times the hospital request he thinks there's no way they'll approve the new facility.  Now, they're exploring other outlets.

Doug Welch with Doctors Hospital says, “We'll talk to the Georgia Hospital association, and well also work with the Georgia department of Community health.”

Welch says with the growing population in Columbia County a facility is needed. He's working with local legislation to get it done.

Scott Johnson explains, “It's an administrative type procedure. We have a situation where a certificate of need was filed. Now, it's really starting all over and we would be in favor of that and a facility in Columbia County. ”

County Administer Scott Johnson says Columbia County is one of the only counties in Georgia without a hospital. He's talked to Governor Nathan Deal about this issue.  

Doctors Hospital Revokes Appeal to Build Emergency Room Facility in Evans.

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