Lending a Helping Hand to West, Texas

Support is pouring in for West, TX after a fertilizer plant explosion.

About half of the town surrounding the plant has been evacuated.

Andy Pierrotti spoke to residents and neighbors who came to lend a hand.

One resident said, “It was just a loud boom!

From church office ceilings to shattered home windows nearly two miles away – the blast took a damaging and emotional toll.

“At first we thought lightning had struck the building since there were supposed to be thunderstorms.”, says Brandon Castillo.

He and his friend wear masks – concerned for their health.

Brandon's frustrated with the lack of information about the blast.

“You don't hear anything from the officials, you don't know what to do.”

Road closures around the blast site remain closed.

“We just want to come and help and do anything we can do.”, says Aaron Molina.

He and his mother Nancy drove down from Dallas.

Both were born and raised in West, Texas.

The blast damaged family member's homes.

“We can't get back there but it's totally, completely…the roof just caved in.

Beth Lord says, “Trying to help the first responders out.”

She's a volunteer fire fighter for nearby frost.

While the state has not identified the first responders who died, she says she knew one of them and hopes the public appreciates their sacrifice.

“You're doing it free without any pay and your volunteering to risk your life when you go into these situations.”

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