Two Women Arrested After Allegedly Trying To Fraudulently Receive Hyde Park Relocation Money

Two women indicted for fraudulently trying to get Hyde Park relocation money have now been arrested.

Augusta officials saying they did their best to prevent getting taken in relocating people from Hyde Park.

As we reported Thursday, two women have been indicted and arrested after claiming they were renting a home in Hyde Park and were applying for more than $20,000 in relocation expenses.

The Augusta Housing and Develop Department has the sole authority to approve relocations and had signed off on this one before being alerted that the person was not renting the home.

“If somebody is going to defraud…let's be honest, if somebody is going to defraud something, they're going to do what they want to do and it's when you catch them that you take the steps that we took. But, anybody who wants to defraud something they can always do that. The final approval comes back to the Commission on every one of these. In light of what happened, we would never get anything done,” says Augusta Housing and Development Department director Chester Wheeler.

Belinda Winfrey and Leomie Fielding have been arrested for criminal attempt to commit theft by deception. Bond was set at $5,700 for each woman.

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