Aiken Kite Festival

Aiken Kite Festival (Image 1)

It's National Kite Month and the sixth annual Aiken Kite
Festival was held in Aiken today.

A clear, blue sky and breezy conditions made it a perfect
day to go fly a kite in the CSRA.

From small kites being flown by kids to big kites by adults
it was a fun day for all ages.

About a thousand people were expected to show up for the

Adea Jackson, Recreation Program
Coordinator of Aiken says, “They come out and fly big kites, I'm looking up at one now.
They have a variety of them and they actually go up and help the kids to show
them how to fly the kites also.”

Harlan Groover, Kite Enthusiast of
Atlanta says, “Our purpose with the club is to try and get kids involved.
That's mainly what we do as a club around the Atlanta area is make kites for

Groover has been a kite enthusiast for over thirty years and
has flown over two hundred kites.

His wife made this big kite by hand using her sewing machine
at home.

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