Fourth Annual Foal-a-Palooza

Fourth Annual Foal-a-Palooza (Image 1)

The fourth annual Dream Equine Therapy Center Foal-a-Palooza
was held this morning at Three Runs Plantation in Aiken.

It's a non-profit Center that provides care for foals—or
horses that are 1 year old or younger.

The staff held the 4th annual jumper derby where
participants competed for the best time around the track.

The founder for Dream Equine Therapy Center has been
rescuing horses for thirteen years and she says this is a cause that is close
to her heart.

Terri Stemper, Founder of Dream
Equine Therapy Center says, “I'm a nurse and have been a vet tech so it was kind of easy
for me to provide the vet care that's needed. But it's just something that I've
been doing for a long time kind of on my own so I started the organization to
try to rescue more because it is so costly.”

Stemper says each foal costs a couple of thousand dollars to
raise on milk without the veterinary care.

Each year the Center raises between five and ten thousand

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