Local Runners ‘Run for Boston’

Local Runners 'Run for Boston' (Image 1)

Even as the people of Boston begin to breathe a collective sigh of relief, there are still long roads ahead for the victims and their families.  In an effort to help one local group woke up Saturday with a mission:  To run… for Boston.

Red sox hats and Bruins jerseys. It's not the heart of Boston. It's the heart of Augusta, and some locals have Boston in their hearts.

Heather DiCicco, who helped organize Saturday's Run for Boston says “the best way to get rid of the dark is to turn on the light.”

Local runners turned on the light Saturday morning with red wrist bands to show solidarity with the victims who were tagged with red medical bands in Boston. They also laced up their running shoes with yellow and red shoe strings to run for the victims of Monday's bombings.

Some of Saturday's 'Run for Boston' participants ran in Boston. They say it was the fun of a lifetime, and that once you see the finish line, you just want to get across it.

Dr. Michael Rogers and two others in Augusta crossed the finish line in Monday's marathon, where every minute was critical.

“I finished a minute and 52 seconds before the bomb went off, the first bomb went off, and we said, it can't be a bomb, and the second went off and it was, which was tough because my wife was supposed to be at the finish line”, said Dr. Rogers.

They made it, and now that they've made it home they want to make a difference.  So again, they're off.  With them runners, walkers, dogs, and strollers.

“if they couldn't run, they couldn't walk, they wanted to donate money and just be here”

A few men in full firefighter gear, including oxygen tanks, came out to show support for their public safety brothers and sisters. With the pounds, they need an extra push. 

“Someone somewhere lost loved ones and here I am alive today.  That will get me through”, says local firefighter Alima Mims. 

Boston doesn't surrender, and neither do those who support the city.

One runner said “if you want to bring down the American spirit, attacking people who run marathons is not a wise thing to do.”

WJBF anchor and co-organizer Chris Kane says, “It was the best run I've been a part of because of the human spirit and wanting to help people who need it”

Although today's event wasn't a race, triumphant finishes in Augusta, like you would normally see at the Boston Marathon, were all for Boston.

Donations for the victims of the Boston bombings will be taken through Wednesday April 24. You can mail a check to:

Run For Boston

PO Box 211752

Augusta, GA 30917

Make checks payable to The Augusta Market and be sure to write 'Run for Boston' in the memo line. You can also donate on The Augusta Market web site by clicking here.

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