Technology and Social Media’s Role During the Boston Marathon for Aiken Runner

Technology and Social Media's Role During the Boston Marathon for Aiken Runner (Image 1)

It's been nearly a week since 2 bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon, killing 3 people, and injuring hundreds of others.

Locally, 10 runners from the Augusta-Aiken area were in Boston when those bombs went off.

 A day of celebration soon turned to a day of chaos for John Head, and his daughter, Rebecca.  John finished the Boston Marathon Monday just 30 minutes before 2 bombs exploded near the finish line.

“I was 2 blocks away from the finish line. I heard a huge explosion and saw a huge pile of smoke. Then I heard another one,” said John Head.

“It was really loud. I was 2 blocks away,” said Rebecca Vigne.

“I thought maybe a transformer or canons were going off,” said John Head.

Thanks to social media and smart phones, they were able to grasp the grim reality surrounding them.

“We started looking on our phones on Twitter, and the internet.  I came up real quickly about potential bombs,” said Vigne.

“She had a cell phone so at that point it was all over the internet that bombs went off,” said Head.

“I was nervous other bombs,” said Vigne.

They say their first thought was – was this another 9/11 type attack?

“We were looking at the buildings.  I didn't think it was planes but I was looking for buildings to collapse,” said Vigne.

“I was looking up at the buildings because there are skyscrapers,” said Head.

Because the phone lines were jammed, Rebecca posted updates on Facebook and texted her friends.

“I posted on FB and realized what was going on and my family and friends weren't worried,” said Vigne.

“We both have Facebooks and she had posted on hers that and a lot of her friends found out she was in Boston because of Facebook,” said Head.

“Texts were working but phones weren't,” said Vigne.

They also used their phones to capture these horrific pictures – from a race they won't forget anytime soon.

Both John and Rebecca say they're not going to let the bombings stop them from running marathons, and hope to go back to Boston for next year's race.

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