20 Fort Gordon 297th Military Intelligence Battalion Troops Depart For Afghanistan

They fight for our freedom…and Monday they spent the morning saying
goodbye to their loved ones. Twenty Fort Gordon soldiers packed their
bags, as they prepared to be deployed to Afghanistan.

The departure ceremony got underway at 6:30 Monday morning. Last minute hugs and kisses were shared with family as the Delta Company of the 297th Military Intelligence Battalion boarded their buses to head out.

Although this is the third time the battalion has been deployed to the Middle East, the soldiers and loved ones we talked with said it never gets easier to say goodbye.

“We all, we expect it to come and then when it comes, it's still just as upsetting as it could be. I've done this before, but he's going for a year, so I just have to find ways to keep myself busy,” says Meagan McMorrow, whose husband is being deployed to Afghanistan.

“You know, just trying to wrap my mind around saying goodbye to my family and getting ready for the upcoming year. It will be the best feeling in the world to finally come back to my family,” says Sergeant Tyler Scott.

While on their 12-month mission, the battalion will be providing electronic warfare support to combat forces in Afghanistan.

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