Boston Marathon Bombing: Getting Answers

Boston says good-bye to another victim… as officials start
to get some answers from the surviving suspect in the marathon bombings.

Abc's Marci Gonzalez reports.   

An emotional goodbye – to M-I-T
officer Sean Collier – the funeral held this morning for the 26-year-old police
say was shot to death by the accused marathon bombers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev last Thursday night.

Today – the one surviving suspect,
19-year-old- Dzhokha is officially charged in the bombings -and despite a wound to his neck, is
answering at least some of the FBI'S questions.

Reportedly admitting that the attack
was planned -just within the past few weeks – with the brothers- learning to
make bombs – on the internet.- we're Tsarnaev told claims they were motivated
by religion –defending Islam -while, denying having – any direct ties to
terrorist organizations:

Associate Director of the RAND
Corporation Seth Jones, “I would characterize it as really self-radicalization.  These are individuals who may have some
connections overseas, but the primary radicalization is in places like the
United States.”

Still – investigators believe the attack
may have been *inspired by al Qaeda – and the on-line preachings of American-born
jihadist Anwar al-Awlaki killed in a U.S. drone strike.

But the suspect's mother – leaving her
home in Russia – insists – her sons were not extremists.

She says, “They were just Muslim.”

As investigators continue their work –
parts of Boylston Street – where the bombs went off last Monday afternoon – is
re-opening today to residents and businesses.

Another step – in recovering – and
healing – maintaining the mantra – of “Boston strong.”

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