Golden Apple: Teresa Taylor

Teresa Taylor has been improving young lives 9 years. Her dedication to them brings rewards for her.

“The joy of seeing children when they catch on to something is very rewarding and that's what keeps me motivated,” she says.

Ms. Taylor and the entire team at Tobacco Road Elementary are quick to tailor their lesson plans to help kids get what they need most.

She says, “I try to work on their weaknesses and I incorporate movement or I incorporate music or I find out their learning style and I try to incorporate their learning style into whatever they're learning or whatever they need help with.”

That includes taking a break from the textbook to make a subject like spelling, fun.

“A lot of children learn with repetition. And they are very active. So we get up and we do spelling exercises, spelling aerobics, and while they're doing jumping jacks, they may be spelling the word, like bat, b-a-t, and they're doing jumping jacks at the same time.”

Teresa Taylor. A successful teacher who takes time to focus on the individual to make sure she always has successful students.

“Because you're able to differentiate instruction and give them that one on one attention when they need it,” she says.  “And even when they're above level, you're able to give them that one on one they can get higher. They can do better.”

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