Painting the Way for Augusta Warrior Project

Painting the Way for Augusta Warrior Project (Image 1)

You can find Jim Harrison galleries under a big Coca-Cola
sign in downtown Denmark—he loves his town and his rural shops and scenes, that's
not what moves him the most.

“A big spot in my heart sings patriotism all the time,”
Harrison says.

Harrison was in the National Guard, but says he can't
imagine what it's like for those who have been on the front lines.

” I didn't even have a taste of what they do,” he says, “we
crawled under barbed wire with machine guns, there was no danger though. I just
can't imagine heading down that street with somebody at the other end shooting
at me with a machine gun and you keep going.”

His paintings can get very pricey, but his latest work, you
have to give to get:

“I was absolutely floored when this opportunity fell in our
lap and Jim reached out to us and said ‘I want to do this.' To me it changes

Harrison learned about the Augusta Warrior Project and
wanted play a part, so he did what he does best:  Paint. 
The only way to get a print of this American flag on a rural barn is to
write a check to support Warrior.  As for
the painting:

“It represents more than patriotism, it is determination and
resilience that we live in the greatest country in the world,” he says.

And the proceeds.

“This print allows us to permanently house homeless
veterans, to get them in school, to get them to graduate,” says Jim Lorraine of
The Augusta Warrior Project.

For veterans in need, help on the way. But in the meantime Harrison
wants them to have hope.

“Hold on and be resilient,” he says.  “We'll be trying to find help for them and
everybody respects them.  It'll get

To obtain a copy of the print, you need to donate $20 each
month to the Augusta Warrior Project for one year.  WJBF's telethon to benefit AWP will be
Tuesday:  You can call in to make a

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