The Bills To Market The Mills

GRU Pumps $1.8 Billion Into Local Economy (Image 1)

Convincing Georgia Regents University to move into Augusta's old Mills will take some money.

As we first told you in March, city leaders pitched to GRU the idea to create a campus at the old Sibley and King Mills.

 Consultants say additional planning is needed — so they are requesting about $400,000 from Augusta to determine how to develop the site.

“It's over seventy acres, almost one point one million square feet so four hundred thousand dollars is a very small amount of money just to figure out how much square footage is there what's the engineering character structural character of the buildings environmental character GRU has expressed a lot of interest in going there but as with any tenant we approach they are really going to need the answers to these questions,” says Matt Kwatinetz, of the Augusta Regional Collaboration Project.

Kwatinetz didn't put a timeline on when that money is needed.

But said GRU leaders have decisions to make to move forward.  so the quicker commissioners approve the money, the better.



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