City of Grovetown has Plans for Major Growth

Pamir Place is a project that will replace the Mobil home park and transform it into an upscale subdivision. This only one project Grovetown is hoping to complete by 2015 many anticipated projects are expected to be completed in the next two years in the city of Grovetown.

 Frank Neal with Grovetown's Planning and Zoning Committee says, “We are the fastest growing community in the CSRA right now, We've got a lot of residential development coming in. 400 houses and two separate subdivisions right now. We've also got some commercial growth taking place.”

 Old Grovetown, and the Government area on Robinson Avenue will be completed renovated  with additional street lights, landscaping, and shopping centers– in hopes of bringing in larger and younger crowds. The main focus of the project is to renew the heart of Grovetown back to it's historic roots, by renovating the de-lapidated buildings, and railroad tracks.

George James, Mayor of Grovetown says, we're just excited to think that we're going to have our old downtown back and a community feel. We'll have shops where you can grab a bite to eat. Ladies can buy there shoes right here in Grovetown!”

Courtney Elledge reporting, “The Robinson Avenue Project is getting paid for by the states t-splost money. Officials say the project could be completed within the next two years.”

Private investors will be paying for a new Walgreens, IGA, Bojangles and Wife Savers.

These are just a handful of new things coming to the city. With Grovetown located next to one of the nation's largest military bases this helps gain support.

“We are fortunate enough, after January first of this year, that we have an economic development incentive program with part of the military. It's a $3,500 grant that's available for any new commercial development coming in,” explains Neal.






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