Helping our Veterans

The Augusta Warrior Project and The Aiken Warrior Project serve thousands of veterans every year.

  They help them navigate the red tape that stands between them and a home, a job, or an education.  But AWP needs your help, and your donations, now.

  This week we introduced you to William Word. He served this country in the Army in Afghanistan until a rocket attack cut his service short.  Now that he's back stateside, AWP has helped him get a home.  Habitat for humanity and Vietnam veterans will fix it up and get it ready for he and his family.  All of this just another example of the good work of the Augusta Warrior Project.

“I was completely blind as to how to tackle the obstacles in front of me to the point where I was like, 'I don't even know where to start. I have no means of figuring this out.' It's so much red tape. I just…I don't know. There's nothing I could do,” says William.

AWP head Jim Lorraine tells us,

“The telethon was the big push. What it did was enlighten the community that we were an organization that could be partnered with to help veterans and military. We've gotten calls from Ft. Gordon organizations. I've gotten calls from the community.”

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