YHT Evans: Brain Cancer Survivor Creates Non-Profit Organization

YHT Evans: Brain Cancer Survivor Creates Non-Profit Organization (Image 1)

An Evans High School School student, who survived brain cancer, has one goal: to reach out to others.

Evans High School Principal Don Brigdon says “he's very personable, he always has group around him, and he's always happy.”

Phillip Price, Agriculture Teacher at Evans High, says, “there are very few people that have the compassion and heart to want to give and help others like Tripp does.”

Tripp Boggus has been cancer free for 13 years, and he feels surviving brain cancer has led him to have a purpose life. That purpose is to help others who may be going through a mental or physical illness. “I think being cancer free is a reward, but it's not something to sit here and brag about. I need to take into consideration and help other kids,” he explains.

At 18, Tripp has started a program called “Hunt For Life”. The nonprofit organization helps children with life–threatening illnesses and children who have lost a parent to an illness or a tragedy. The program began when Tripp himself experienced the positive results of doing his favorite activities: fishing and hunting. “Hunt For Life” took his mind off of medicine, the hospital, and tubes for a couple of hours.

“It just made me feel better. I always say stop thinking about dying and start thinking about living,” Tripp says.

Tripp went from being a child with a life changing disease to being a young man in high school who changes lives. His heart of gold and care for others is something that's contagious. The Evans High School Knights and the top Knight himself, Columbia County Schools Superintendent Charles Nagle, largely support his non-profit organization.

“It's amazing, I never really thought, I never thought I'd have a school to help me out,” Tripp says.

Distracted from radiation to treatments, “Hunt For Life” has made Tripp a happier young man, improving his attitude and spirit.

Click here to see how you can help.

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