Free Document Shredding And Organizing Tips

Free Document Shredding And Organizing Tips (Image 1)
Free Document Shredding And Organizing Tips (Image 1)

Tax season just ended and it's a great time to get rid of
your clutter.

The Professional Organizers of Augusta (POA) held a free tax
shredding event in collaboration with Augusta Data Storage Inc. (ADSI) in
Augusta today.

Folks from all over the CSRA stopped by the Goodwill parking
lot to drop off bags full of papers.

Then the documents were shredded safely in these trucks.

The owner for Functional Fashionable says it's a great
opportunity to organize your home during the Spring cleaning months.

Marin Rose, Owner of Functional
Fashionable says, “The best thing is working with clients and help them
overcome some of the hang-ups or some of the fears or some of the issues that
are getting in the way of having a nice, streamlined, orderly life that frees
up their life and their mental space for things that are really important to

POA hosts an organizing session in the CSRA every one to two
months. If you would like more information go to

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