Can A Pill Make Your Gray Hair Go Away?

Can A Pill Make Your Gray Hair Go Away? (Image 1)

Let's face it…most of us have spotted a gray hair or even plucked one…so aside from coloring our hair…can taking a pill reverse the signs of aging? Some say yes!

Whether from age or genetics…sooner or later…we will all go gray…

“It's really hard, I find when its getting close to the 4 week period to tease my hair and comb it a different way to hide those little pieces of gray,” says Anita Gable, who has gray hair, and spends hundreds of dollars a year covering up her grays.

“It is frustrating, I often think of letting it grow out,” Gable says.

And she is not alone…

“I was putting the highlights in every 3 months, when the gray was coming in. Now, it's every 6 months,” says Judith Allor, who is fighting the signs of aging from the inside out.

“I call it my vitamin for my hair,” Allor says when talking about Go Away Gray, an all natural dietery supplement which claims to prevent and reverse gray hair. “My hair is back to being silky soft,” she says.

Allor says just two tablets a day…keeps her gray away. She noticed an improvement in 3 months…

“We get letters and phone calls every day from people who say, 'you know what, I was skeptical at first, but seeing is believing and my gray hair has gone away',” says president of Go Away Gray, Cathy Beggan.

So, how does it work? Beggan, who is the pill's creator, says the supplement contains catalese, an enzyme which diminishes as we age.

“The reason our hair turns gray to begin with is because our bodies produce hydrogen peroxide and the enzyme catalese breaks it down. Once you stop
producing enough catalese, the peroxide takes over and it bleaches your hair from the inside out,” Beggan says.

The pill also contains: Vitamin B-6, Saw Palmetto, L-Tyrosine, and Horsetail.

So, is it safe???

“If you look at the ingredient list, this is basically a very insufficient multi-vitamin. It has a number of homeopathic remedies in it, none of which effect the hair,” says Dr. Robert Kershner, a Palm Beach Gardens physician and surgeon, with a background in biochemistry. He is skeptical the supplement does what it claims.

“You cannot raise the level of an enzyme in your cell by ingesting it,” says Dr. Kershner. “The science might be good, but the cure is not,” he adds.

Dr. Kershner's big concern for people taking it…the interaction between prescribed medication and a supplement. “Many times, patients will be taking over-the-counter medications or vitamins or homeopathic remedies not realizing that it can interfere with their regular medications or may build up unhealthy levels within in their body,” he says.

The bottom line…it may not work for everyone…but after a year of taking go away gray…Judith is convinced it's right for her. “It's pretty amazing,” she says.

She is loving the results…”When you look good, you feel good.”

And apparently, it's not just women buying the product…plenty of men are ordering the pills online. A 30 day supply of Go Away Gray will run you about $30, but like most supplements, you should always check with your doctor before taking it.

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