CSRA Car Dealership Recovering From Severe Weather

CSRA Car Dealership Recovering From Severe Weather (Image 1)

Ken Harris, general manager of SunBelt Auto Saver says, “All of the sudden,
rain, wind and who knows what all was going and less than thirty seconds boom!
lightning hits the building and it totally destroyed our facility.”

Nearly one year ago
lightning from a severe thunderstorm struck this building-

Shattering the glass
everywhere and the roof almost caved in on top of all the employees.

Jessica Bossio, employee of SunBelt Auto Saver says, “We all were scared,
we were panicking, we really did. I mean it just happened so quick. We were
like oh my goodness what could had happened to us if it was really

This is the chair that
Jessica Bossio was sitting in when the storm hit the building.

Experiencing severe
weather first hand left an impression that will stay with her for the rest of
her life.

Bossio says, “I'm paranoid. I mean
we're sitting in here and lightning will come down or thunder and I'm scared
now, I'm like is this going to happen again. Now at home I'm even paranoid
because I know what lightning can do. So I'm always on top of my children,
don't go out there when there's lightning!”

It's severe weather season
in the CSRA and Bossio has some great advice for everyone.

Bossio says, “Get away from the windows,
turn off everything just get to the center of the home, to safety because of
what happened here. Ya know you just don't know how to act to anything like

Harris says construction
will be complete in 30 to 60 days and the dealership will be one hundred
percent open for the first time since last year.

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