Partnership To Construct Wetland In Pendleton King Park

2013 Arts in the Heart Festival (Image 1)

With major financial support from Wells Fargo and Company, Southeastern Natural Sciences Academy is joining with Pendleton King Park Foundation to construct a wetland in Pendleton King Park in Augusta.

The project is part of a $3 million Wells Fargo Environmental Solutions for Communities grant program across 64 community-based nonprofits nationwide to help support land and water conservation, energy efficiency, infrastructure and educational outreach.

“We are pleased to announce Southeastern Natural Sciences Academy as a recipient of Wells Fargo's environmental grant program to help provide long-term solutions to the region's environmental challenges,” said Ashley Grosh, head of Wells Fargo Environmental Philanthropy and a partner with National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in the grant program.

The Academy will receive $50,000 for work on the wetland, and the Foundation will contribute $50,000 of in kind services.

“The Academy is proud to provide the leadership to complete this important conservation initiative that will enhance water quality in Augusta for generations to come,” said Bill Macuch, Chairman of Southeastern Natural Sciences Academy.

Jim Blount, President of the Pendleton King Park Foundation, recognizes the important contribution of the project: “The water quality of Lake Elizabeth is very important to the park's ecosystem and in greater view the Oates Creek Watershed.”

The goal of the Wells Fargo Environmental grant program is to provide cash grants for highly impactful projects that link economic development a well-being to the stewardship and health of the environment.

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