Cirque du Soleil Inspires Local Youth through Artistry

Cirque du Soleil Inspires Local Youth through Artistry (Image 1)

Cirque du Soleil or, the Circus of the
Sun, travels the world displaying a combination of acrobatic stunts and music
with traditional circus acts. And like a play, each show has a story to tell.

Jessica LeBoeuf, Spokesperson for
Cirque du Soleil says, “Quidam brings you into the imaginary world of a
little girl. We meet her at the beginning of the show and we really feel a
disconnect with her parents. She's bored and she's really trying to find
excitement in life.”

Just like the main character Zoe,
Quidam hopes that viewers are able to transform their dreams into reality
at  the drop of a hat.

Dreams like performer Lisa Skinner's.
She is a 3 time Olympian and has been a gymnast since she was  six years old.
Admittedly, she didn't know much about the world of Cirque du Soleil. Once she
saw a show, her imagination soared.

“I was thinking of
caravans and elephants and stuff like that, but when I saw a couple of shows I
was like 'aw this is kind of cool'. It's sort of a blend of theatre and acro,”
Skinner explains.

The artistry inspired her
to pursue a career with Cirque du Soleil. That's why Skinner believes it's
important to expose youth to arts and performances like this. And she is not

Linda Tucciarone, the Executive  Director of the Heritage Academy, adds
“we believe that arts education is tied to academic education.”

Mainstream productions
like Quidam serve as one of several artistic options to explore here in
Augusta. Tucciarone says students at Heritage Academy take advantage of
Augusta's possibilities for artistic and academic growth like the Jessye Norman
School of the Arts and the Davidson School.

“Students who are
involved in the arts show greater academic attainment, more civic involvement,
more sense of personal responsibility and just an awareness of the world,”
she says.

An awareness Skinner hopes to inspire
when people see the costumes and the athleticism on display

Skinner offers this advice
to youth. “If that's what you wanna do, go get it,ya know?”

Quidam's first show was tonight at the James Brown Arena.
If you missed it, there are still tickets for the last show at 7:30 p.m.

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