Is Richmond County Ready For A Tornado?

Is Richmond County Ready For A Tornado? (Image 1)

Jason Nappi, meteorologist of WJBF-TV says, “Does Richmond County
have any tornado sirens in this area?”

Wayne Taylor, Special Operations Chief of Richmond County says, “No, we don't. There are
certain uh like Georgia Regents University has weather sirens for their campus
and that kind of thing.”

Chief Taylor says a siren
system in Richmond County is one thing officials are considering for the

But he says that would
mean a raise in taxes and I asked Augustan's how they would feel about that.

Lewis P. Bolher Jr. of Augusta says, “Yes, that's an
acceptable raise and I certainly would be. We cannot overstate the importance
of a warning that a tornado is about to come in. So, yes I would be in favor of

Pearlie Lambert of Augusta says, “Because I think it's
important, they're saving lives and I think lives are very important.”

Lambert survived through
severe weather in Florida and knows the importance of being prepared.

Lambert says, “I was in Hurricane
Andrew and Cleo, yes and it was terrible I mean in Miami. Everything got just
blown away and torn up. It was really sad it took those people some time to build
back up. Ya know it did a lot of damage in Ft. Lauderdale too where I came

Another Augustan I spoke
with is for anything to keep the community safe.

Rod Spurgeon of Augusta says, “Our people perish with a lack of
knowledge. What you don't know can kill you. People dying in these storms
because they don't know what's on their phone can help them. Kids dying on the
street because leaders won't lead them. Somebody gotta do something.”

To sign up for free emergency notifications from the Augusta Fire Department and Emergency Management Division go to: and click “Emergency Notification Sign-Up” under Quick Links on the right side of the page. Then, click the link for “Emergency Notification Public Sign-up Page” in the first paragraph to be connected to the provider's web site. Lastly, enter your first and last name, street address, city, state, zip code and primary contact number.

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