Cancer Answer – Genetics and Colon Cancer

Genetics is the study of heredity. Heredity is a biological process where a parent passes certain genes to their children.

Dr. Larry Geier, Medical Oncologist and Director of Genetic Risk and Evaluation testing program in Kansas City, says its especially true when it comes to the colon cancer gene, ” we are actually talking about something called lynch syndrome individuals who are affected actually inherit a bad gene,

and this gene programs them to get colon cancer, cancer of the uterius and perhaps several other cancers.”

That's why informational sessions like this at university hospital play such a vital role.

Dr. Geier, “if we know who they are we can actually prevent the majority of the cancers that are destined to occur.”

Research shows that Lynch Syndrome affects one in 450 Americans. many people are walking around and have no idea that they have this syndrome.

The research also shows that this syndrome doesn't seem to be ethnically related. Affects woman and men, however some cancers to look out for are female cancers.

Dr. Geier, “it is a big deal for people to know what their family history of cancer is, to bring that to the attention of doctors, so they can analyze that and go this could be a lynch family, this could be some other kind of family.”

The testing for Lynch Syndrome is to identify Hereditary Colon Cancer. it is something that save generations from cancer.

If your doctor recommends 'Lynch Testing', University Hospital will provide an Oncology navigator, to help guide you through the process.

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