College Athlete Abandons Dreams for Stranger

College Athlete Abandons Dreams for Stranger (Image 1)

A college athlete in New Hampshire is making a big sacrifice to potentially save a life.

You probably haven't heard of Cameron Lyle. He was a star college athlete, but for the sport of shot put, discus and hammer, which don't get the same coverage as football.

He recently did something, though, that made him one of the most important people in a stranger's life: Lyle donated his bone marrow.

To do it, he had to give up his college athletic career.

Bone marrow can be found in your hip and thigh bones. It has stem cells in it, which can form into other cells that fight infections or help blood clot. It's used to help cancer patients survive, but matching a patient to a donor is very difficult.

When Lyle was a sophomore, he put his name on the donor list. There was only a small chance he would ever get called. But during his senior year at school, he was.

“When they said I was a match, they said would you like to proceed? And I said absolutely,” says Lyle.

For weeks after the procedure, Lyle is not allowed to lift more than 20 pounds over his head. That's why his college track and field days are over.

He doesn't know who got his bone marrow. By law, that information is kept secret for a year. All he knows is that it is someone who is 28 years old, has leukemia, and needed his help.

“I mean, you can't measure a life against really anything. When you have an opportunity to save someone, it's like, you gotta go for it,” he says.

Lyle's greatest feat has now been made from a hospital bed.

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