Does Richmond County Need Tornado Sirens?

Earsel Workman of Augusta says, “It's sort of a scary situation after the fact ya know it happened so fast you really couldn't react without having some advance warning of some kind.”
Earsel Workman remembers the Winter tornado that ripped through his south Augusta yard back in 2000 very well.
Earsel Workman of Augusta says, “It took oak trees that were probably a foot and half in diameter and made toothpicks out of them. It was definitely a twister.”
Workman says one hundred trees ranging from fifty to seventy five years old were destroyed that night.
Earsel Workman of Augusta says, “The first warning we had was you could hear a thump, thump, thump as trees starting hitting the ground where they were uprooted and blown over and that was the advance warning we had. So any siren system would help.”
He is worried that it could happen again and next time he won't be so lucky.
Earsel Workman of Augusta says, “You're always worried when they put out a tornado watch that it can happen because there's been several that's come through over at Goshen plantation so this area is ya know an area that can be hit.”
This is one of the only weather alert sirens in Richmond County. It's located on the downtown campus of GRU.
But there are talks among County Commissioners to put up sirens like these in the County.
Earsel Workman survived through a strong tornado in south Augusta and has some advice for people that don't think it can happen to them.
Earsel Workman of Augusta says, “That they need to wise up and realize that it can happen to anybody, anywhere, at any time.”
In Augusta, meteorologist Jason Nappi, WJBF, News Channel 6.

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