GRU Working With Augusta On Proposed Mills Campus

GRU Working With Augusta On Proposed Mills Campus (Image 1)

Georgia Regents University President Doctor Ricardo Azziz is outlining his plans for the future of the school. It's been a little more than a hundred days since Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University consolidated.

In his speech on Tuesday, Azziz thanked the faculty for working so hard to make the consolidation a success. He also discussed the goals he hopes to accomplish by the year 2030 — some of those include doubling GRU's student population and tripling the graduation rate.

Azziz confirmed that GRU is interested in the city's proposal for a mills campus and a downtown campus, but he said the university system will not be putting any money into the project.

“We think it's a game changer, certainly for the city. I think we've seen many other cities, Columbus, Greenville, Columbia South Carolina, do this. But the university itself does not have the resources to make it happen,” he says.

Azziz also talked about the controversy surrounding the new U's name, saying that he feels the city of Augusta is finally getting behind Georgia Regents University.

Last week we told you that Azziz planned to reimburse GRU for the resources he used for a private wedding at his home. Members from the media asked Azziz about his request for an independent review on his actions surrounding the wedding.

“Actually, we're gonna not answer that because we are waiting for any assessment, so those questions I'm not going to answer today. We are talking about today's talk. So any other discussion about that?”

Also announced at the speech, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal will sign the 2014 budget at GRU on Tuesday May 7th.

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