Local Company Creates New App To Help Save You Gas Money

Local Company Creates New App To Help Save You Gas Money (Image 1)

Wouldn't it be nice to save money every time you drive?  Well one local group is helping to make that happen – and the U-S government is praising them for it.  WJBF News Channel 6's Barclay Bishop has more.

The technology company, Exponent Design Works, entered a contest put on by the Department of Energy – and they were selected as one of the winners.  The app is called Fuel Economy Coach – and it teaches drivers good habits that will help them improve their vehicle fuel economy – and who doesn't want that??  Here's how it works – you connect your phone to your car via blue tooth.  Then it collects data from your car and analyzes it.  It looks at things like tire pressure, vehicle speed when you're braking, how fast you're accelerating or slowing down.  For example, if you're going too fast to the point that it recognizes it's going to affect your fuel efficiency then the simple image on the display screen will flash yellow to slow down.  

“When you complete your journey that's when more coaching will pop up,” said John Bobbitt, Co-Creator of the Fuel Economy Coach app.  It will look at the event that wasted the most money and we'll give you some coaching right then and there, and say “Hey, you've been accelerating too fast.”  Here's why it's bad and here's how you can improve you driving.” 

THE CLUBHOU.SE on Broad Street in Augusta helped design the Fuel Economy Coach app.  The new local business, which is basically a “think tank” business , helped Exponent Design Works with the web and graphic development portion. 

“You know, it would probably sound cocky if we said we expected it to go this far but we really don't take on anything unless we believe in it,” said Eric Parker, Co-Founder of THE CLUBHOU.SE.  “So, this is something we believed had a lot of potential and we put everything we had into making it happen, so we're pleasantly surprised that it's doing everything that it's doing.”

Even though the app is ready to go, the creators say it's not ready to be downloaded just yet.  They're still waiting on car manufacturers to have the technology in their cars so they can sync everything up.  It's estimated that this app could save you about 30% on gas expenses if you change your habits.   

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