UPDATE: Edgehart Productions Web Series “The Midnight Room”

UPDATE: Edgehart Productions Web Series "The Midnight Room" (Image 1)

      Martinez, Georgia-based Edgehart Productions announces the launch of its latest web series, The Midnight Room.

Created and written by Lakeside High School graduates Zack Elledge and John Harn, the series will run in three minute episodes for 10 weeks.

“The goal with The Midnight Room is to tell a cool, legitimate story, regardless of budget, location, or any other imaginary constraints,” Elledge explained, “to make a web series that wasn't completely tongue in cheek or niche, but legitimately interesting and designed exclusively for the YouTube format.”

Fellow Lakeside alum, Evans Carter, scored the trailer, theme, and various episodes of the series.

“The idea was to tell character based stories that would pack the kind of mystery and revelation found in series such as The Twilight Zone and Lost. Some episodes will be scary, some funny, some sad, but all are designed to entertain emotionally and intellectually.”

Click here for Episode One: The Visitor

Click here for Episode Two: The Artist

Click here for Episode Three: The Button

Click here for Episode Four: The Funny Man

Click here for Episode Five:  Escape One

Click here for Episode Six: The Operative

Listen to interview on the Pop God Popscast here.

Read related May 6th article in the Augusta Chronicle here.

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