You Booze, You Lose Campaign to Cap Underage Drinking

You Booze, You Lose Campaign to Cap Underage Drinking (Image 1)

The National Institute of Drug Abuse reports that the median drinking age is now12 years old. Imagine one of those 12 year olds as your child or one of their friends. The state of Georgia and several local agencies have joined forces so that you won't have to, with the 'you Booze you lose” campaign.

Mention the words “underage drinking” to Peggy Redid, and several thoughts come to mind “kids going to a party, somebody buying alcohol for them and then somebody getting in a car and driving drunk.”

Fact: In Georgia, the C-D-C estimates that 39% of all high school students have consumed alcohol. It's a serious problem nationwide, but has hit a little closer to home lately.

GRU joined forces with programs in Columbia and Glascock counties to launch a media campaign through a state funded grant. It's name: You Booze, You Lose. It's goal:

“Making teenagers and parents both aware that if parents talk to their kids, then that truly will help kids not drink,” says Redd.

Columbia County Community Connections alone was awarded $199,000. Their plan is to reach out to parents and teens through a website and billboards like this one.

This campaign is especially important to Redd  because she has a teenage daughter.   

She adds, “parents who have teenagers need to be more careful about where their alcohol is. Maybe like with guns, they should keep alcohol locked up.”

That's one way to address the sobering statistics from a recent study.  It shows that 75% of 7th graders who drink, get it from their refrigerators at home.

Organizers for 'you Booze, You Lose' hope putting information at the fingertips of surfers and eye line of drivers will help everyone make better choices.

“I think it will make more people aware. The more we can make people aware the better off we are,” explains Redd.

More billboards and web updates are expected throughout the summer. For more information or underage drinking statistics, visit the website

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