Air Tanks Has Fire Department Catching Heat

A mistake as members of the Augusta Fire Department breathing fire

Wednesday was the deadline to get about 150 air packs inspected.

The tanks must be certified safe every five years… without that, they can't be refilled when they go empty.

Members of the Firefighters association say someone dropped the ball because emails were sent about the deadline.

Fire Chief Chris James is investigating to determine how the deadline was missed, but says certification is underway and no firefighters were in danger.

“If it was just a mistake we'll revisit the policy to assure if we thought somebody was doing something malicious wrong or intentional we would do corrective action to make sure but the fire fighters are safe they have good air to breathe,” says James.

James said fire crews are expected to check the tanks on a weekly basis, he says all tanks will be inspected by Monday.

The inspection is to make sure the tanks don't leak and regulators work properly.

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