Motocross Driver Still In Coma From Crash

Motocross Driver Still In Coma From Crash (Image 1)

Professional Motocross Driver Kenny Steinke's family says that
he is getting better each and every day. They say he is in a coma, but they
also say that earlier this week he briefly opened his eyes… and even moved
his arms a little bit. Which is giving the family a lot of hope.

It's an accident that left many
people shocked, but nobody was more shocked than Kenny Steinke's family.

“I just kept saying
everything is okay, everything is okay. I'm pretty positive,” says Kenny's Mother Linda Steinke.

Kenny's mother Linda was hours
away, but she knew about the accident within minutes because of a phone call.
She and several other family members drove straight to Augusta to be with
Kenny. She says doctors are hopeful that Kenny will wake up, however, she says
they don't know what effects his brain injuries will have on him if he comes
out of the coma.

“We feel that everything is
going well. It's just now getting him to come out of it so we talk to him
constantly. Massage him. Rub him. Everything I can do,” says Linda.

And the family is thankful that
emergency personnel were on the scene to get Kenny to the hospital fast. The management at the James
Brown Arena says that an ambulance and EMT's are always at every event in case
medical assistance is ever needed.

Linda says that Kenny's interest
in extreme sports started at a young age, so she accepted that something like
this could happen a long time ago.

“I said you need to get a
regular job. It's dangerous. I'm worried and he just said, mom, no matter what,
I'm doing what I love. So I felt that the best thing I could do was to support
him,” says Linda.

Kenny's Father-in-law Derek
Register says even though the sport is dangerous, Kenny was passionate about it
because of his fans. And now the family is thanking the fans in Augusta for
their passion.

“Today we received a bunch
of cards from a pre-kindergarten school. The outpouring has been amazing from
the city and from the world,” says Register.

Kenny doesn't have medical
insurance, so his family is asking for help. If you would like to make a
donation to Kenny's family, please go to

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