Augusta Sales Tax Revenue Numbers Released

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Augusta, Georgia announced that the Local Option Sales Tax receipts for March 2013 was $2,952,014.65 and SPLOST receipts were $3,066,132.09.

“The changes in sales tax legislation that became effective January 1st, put us back to square one when comparing years, 2013 is our new base year. Unfortunately the state department of revenue is unable to provide us with data that would allow us to make a comparison to prior years.” states Mayor Copenhaver. “While sales tax receipts are less than last year, the administration is continuing to monitor collection data. We make recommended changes to the budget at the appropriate time. With only 3 months of data we are concerned, but want to avoid making any knee jerk reactions.”

The changes in sales tax legislation include: the elimination of sales tax on energy purchased for use in manufacturing, an agriculture exemption (GATE Program) and the implementation of the Title Ad Valorem tax which replaces sales tax on the purchase of new vehicles.

The county commission has not implemented an energy excise tax which would replace the sales tax on energy. The Title Ad Valorem tax was implemented on March 1st and the effects are being monitored.

There is not data available from the Georgia Department of Revenue to determine the effect of the GATE program.

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