Congressman Joe Wilson Promises Help for Furloughed Workers

Congressman Joe Wilson Promises Help for Furloughed Workers (Image 1)

Choices you don't want to imagine making:

“You decide if you want to make the house payment or the electric bill, or eat,” says furloughed SRS worker Archie Williams.

Those are realities for Williams and his wife Laura.  Archie has worked at SRS for 25 years.

“When I was growing up, the site was the promised land, get out there and you'd never have anything to worry about the rest of your life,” he says.

Now, he's one of the 2,500 workers facing furloughed hours.  Archie and Laura say they have a lot to worry about now.

“I'm real unsure, just kinda scared, and stressed and unsure of everything,” she says.

“It looks like i've wasted 25 years almost,” he adds.

They aren't alone–  going to work is hard when you don't know what you're working for.

“We have a very disciplined workforce, but we're human. When you're suffering from an economic uncertainty, you're human and can't help but be distracted,” says Bill Jones.

So for hundreds of workers, all eyes were on Joe Wilson today to provide answers.  He says he worked at the site–he knows Jackson, he knows Barnwell, he knows of their pain.

“All of us make our plans based on an income as to mortgage payments, car payments, so to have a 20 percent pay reduction,” he says is tough.

He says he's pressuring the Office of Management and Budget to move money now.

“I'm making every effort not to point fingers, I'm talking about what has been done and I truly believe OMB will act,” he says.

So outside after the talk about do these families feel?

“I think he has a good heart and cares for the people in this area,” Laura says.

Wilson's words help them have hope–But for now that doesn't fix their budget or pay their bills.

“They're still the same, shortage of money in my pocket,” Archie says.  “I can't put as much gas in the car, can't buy as much food.”

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